Saturday, May 15

Semester break yeah !

semester break already ? macam tak percaya je ! DAH SEMINGGU KOT ! haha :D rinduu my roommates alot ! time di college tak sabar nk out, tension menghadap buku ;O . . but now rasa nk study pula HAHA :D rinduu laa nk lompat lompat dengan miera di atas katil, nak nyanyi lagu raya time tension dengan xaty ;D , akma i miss you too . . i missed you guys not being around me . . there's many secret, story, shout out, laughter and confession we pulled out together . i missed those precious times alot ! even more, we eat together in one table (xaty punya, aha thanks for the meja babe ! ) and watching movie while eating . wahh can imagine that time. you people make my world moving around and also make me sane :D <333>

13 may 2010

wuhoo ! its the day ! i got this job through the skp. you know what is skp ? " skim khidmat pelajar " bukan skim khidmat pelanggan tau ! haha :D my sister post the skp form to my college a week before semester break begin. then she asked me to get the kp's permission. kejap je gi faculty. meet uncle hussein eh meet che md lehan then.. check ! im done !

mama selalu berkata " pegi kerja laa, jangan asyik nak out and lepak rumah je . "
i reply " okay mama :) "
so i think its the best kick start for me to do :) at least dapat income lebih sikit for shopping nanti ;)

so on thursday ,
i start working as a clerk at UiTM's financial unit zone 5 . just filled in the form and signed :) easy peasy :) . oh i cant show the nervousness in front of the boss ! just answer the question truthfully :) and i'd success ! thank you Tuan Haji ! now i can start the job :) can't believe that im working in an office that full of helpful co-workers and BIG office machinery . haha :D to early to do these and that i think . office environment : there were like a ton of paper need to be stamp "sudah dibayar" , "harta tetap" and " inventori". and people rushing everywhere . there must be a grapevine in an office aite ? they always gossiping when the boss were not around . but, when the boss came semua kelam kabut :O haha sungguh kelakar . tapi i bole gelak dalam hati je at that time. i pon join skali ;) ala normal la tuu kann . .


ohh about the co-workers . did i mention that they were really helpful ? yes, they really are :) fortunately ada kakak jaja yang memberi i kerja dan sanggup menjawab setiap satu soalan yang ditanya . can't forget, kakak jaja selalu ckp "faham ? " , "okayh cun !" after every question i asked :) she were really nice to me :) tk tau la if dah lama nti mcm mana ;D hehe .

ohh in that office, im not the one yg skp. ada lagi 4 peeps iaitu abg adi, abg nizam, abg hafiz and abg adam. yes, they all guys ! and im the only skp's girl. they all my seniors part 3 and part 4 . in degree ! indeed ! mereka gilaa senior kot.. diorg perasan muda, mereka tak nak i panggil mereka "abang" . ahah whatever ! ohh abg nizam, abg hafiz and abg adam was my super senior at ssaas dulu. but tak pernah meet kot. rasa mcm invisible pulaa tiba tiba . next week on monday ada lagi new skp in coming , soonnn. :O woahh !

ohh disana i kerja mengecop je kot. bagai nak gila . besides doing other work like keying in company details , answering calls , photostatting , filing , sorting and many more, tp mengecop tuu kerja main i kot. memang banyak tak terkata . paper paper yang nak di cop tebal tebal belaka ! aishh . tapi memang best kerja kat sini . mmg cramp laa tgn balik rumah. i dah suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome :O
dah smpai satu badan da cramp nie.
*carpal tunnel syndrome ? what is it actually ? for more info. . baca post i yang title dia carpal tunnel syndrome :)
so i think ini jea for this time :) nanti i cerita lagi ya :D tunggu laa next post !

* so here we had learn to be not to be like katak di bawah tempurung ( ong kedek kedek ) ahah ! so, if you were new in the office, try to be friendly with the invironment in the office ( jangan bercakap dengan machine photostat pula, nk friendly sgt la katakan haha :D ) , friendly dengan co-workers laa . just be yourself . and don't be clumsy . don't ever show our weaknesses to others tao ! habis la reputation nti :P hee
love, sal