Sunday, June 6

Donashi adalah species donut terancam :D

perghh melting sy dibuatnyaa . i'm craving for Big Apple Donut for long time . di perak mana adaa daa -.- HHHAHA at last . .
the new sweet creation from big apple called donashi
the marriage between
donut and sushi :)
aww so sweet . .

there are 28 flavors to choose from . rm 25 - 28 pieces
rm20 - 18 pieces

memang beli yg set besar laa . besaaaa punyaaaa ! mana cukup kecik ;D

however the alien is still the best and forever :D

when reach home , dah senget senget daa semua donut dibuatnya. haha :D

* thanks kakak for the donut and the great ride ;)

love, sal