Wednesday, June 30

The last step

* i wish to play this

today is my last day . its HOLIDAY PEOPLE ! the last day to stamp the document , the last day to call the companies , the last day to key in the company details , the last day meeting the colleagues , the last day meeting the co-workers and last day to punch my punch card . sounds grrreat ! but there was just two days left for my hols . this is pathetic D':

i'll celebrate this with creme puffs :) tons of 'em

love it !

thts not creme puff ! [ search google image , then found this ]


and more , i'll damnly miss them . i feel terrible today . to leave all those things . i dont know . . when i will come back to work as SKP again . . here . . with them . .

*tiba tiba terdengar lagu nie , two is better than one by boys like girls ft taylor swift , teardrops . . crying in the rain is the better way to make sure no one knows that i was crying isnt it ?

goodbyes , sal