Thursday, June 10

Smokers sekalian

they affect children !

I hate him ! terribly hate him ! tak nampak ke orang tengah makan ! bole pula fuhhh fuhhhh bagai an ? ishhh geram seyh ! how come ? smoking in the restaurant ? and spray asap rokok tuu in front of me ! how dare him ! rasa nak ***** ***** ***** ****** je orang tu ! bersepah asap rokok di udara ohh ! tuhan je yang tahu macam mana sal rasa !
oksigen ! oksigen !

the thing yang sal still tk puas hati is :


why cigarettes are still sold in malaysia ?

okay fine , I understand that they were selling cigarettes to get profit and stabilize the country economy . but i still not satisfied with those who smoke . even di kotak rokok ada photo that shows the causes of smoking , but they still continue smoking . letak harga tinggi mana pon they still beli lagi kot . seriously cigar kills people slowly without their knows . sal tak faham betul laa .

*bole pendekkan hayat . best sangat ke ?


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4:15 PM, June 14, 2010

weh !

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