Wednesday, October 20

dry skin !

protect from outside

Moisturize your legs with a rich body lotion...

right after toweling off. When you apply lotion while your skin is still damp, it locks the moisture in. If you suffer from a very dry skin, it is a good idea to slap that lotion on, at least twice a day.

Don't use harsh soap

Regular soap tends to dry the skin out. And heavily scented ones can also irritate it. Choose moisturizing soaps or body washes instead.

protect from the inside

Foods containing Vitamin A
This fat soluble vitamin helps your skin in looking silky and soft. Sources of Vitamin A: Fish liver oils, cantaloupe, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, mango, spinach, apricots, papaya, alfalfa.

Foods containing Beta Carotene

It's a carotenoid that your body converts into Vitamin A. Sources of Beta Carotene: Goji berries, carrots, cantaloupe and plenty of other yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables, as well as dark green vegetables.

Foods containing Vitamin E
The lack of this
fat soluble vitamin can cause dry, itchy skin. Sources of vitamin E:Unprocessed vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, rose hips, dandelions, wheat germ.
*ohhemgee im lack of vitamin E :O

We all know how important water is to our bodies. Without it we could not function! And if you don't drink enough of it, your skin will suffer from dryness. so drink at least 6-8 cups a day. take a lot of 'em ! yes ! i mean A-L-O-T !

* araa dear, try practice these :)

love , sal