Tuesday, November 30

Oh tidakkk !

this evening , i got phone call from uitm , you know what ?
esok saya start kerja . yyay!
wake up in the morning - shower - breakfast - I'M READY TO GO ! YEAH !

love , sal

Monday, November 29

help me ! which one ?

which one is better ?
Celcom UOX or Celcom Blue ?

lets take a look on their advantages

- exclusively for youths age 18-25 years.
- got best rates, biggest bonuses and best privileges.
- FREE starter pack, same calls rates EVERYWHERE, credit expired up to 8 years, free event invites, surprise bonuses, cool downloads and many more.

for more info, http://www.uox.com.my/
- Gempakgilacun !
- Teman 20
- Hanya 15 sen/minit ke teman 20
- Hanya 1 sen sms / 15 mms ke teman 20
- Tempoh kredit sehingga 2 tahun
- Muat turun dan kandungan eksklusif PERCUMA
- Bonus banyak guna
- Bonus hari jadi
- Bonus setia
- Kredit advance
- Produk paling berbaloi daripada celcom !

info lanjut di sini http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomblue/index.php

please help me, which one is the best ?

*ohh btw, i want to change my maxis number lah , since ada orang gila kacau , saya pon jadi gila sama , so na tukar number. okay tak if saya tukar ? bagi opinion shikit plish . .

love , sal

Sunday, November 28

The reason why . .

* click the photo to get a better view ppl :)

Friday, November 26

A trauma

Where are you when i need you.

Since, school life have been left behind, i dont have time to get couple. maybe at that time I am comfortable to be single. but, i got scandals haha. and thats not good kayh! Sometimes , when i saw a couple walk across me, they laugh, share stuff, took photos together and etc, that's make me feel kinda bit jealous, but I just let my feelings walk away with the wind and I just think " Its not the time yet ". Perhaps.

When I came into the higher institution. There are tons of 'em. I was like *duhh. They were everywhere, any place at any time. Sometimes, i sit down in silence & at this moment , i will thinking about everything, what is happening. Well, a girl like me, love to have a special one that will always be by my side when i terribly in need. I would love to and i wish someone do come to me and properly asking to be my man .

I am very fussy kind of person. I am very detail in everything, and this thing become one of my problem.

I do text with guys and off course they were my friends. but if you got text from him almost everyday , with a sweet phrase and cute call , and miss him when you didn't get any text or call from him for a day , Hows that ? Can you feel it ?

I've been through all this, and its killing me. At the first time, I just play my role as a friend, but when the conversation become a sequel, I suddenly fall into him and this is terrible ! Lets be fair and square. I want everything to be crystal clear here because I cant lie my heart, my feelings. So, I decided to make a confession. So, then I know everything, what is deep inside him. but After the confessions, theres like someone knocking in the inside and suddenly I change my way of thinking.. to stay single :)

He is a guy that made my day. Be there when I need an opinion or when I feel down. He text me , call me. M, If you read this, I want you to know that You'd make me happy, whether you know it or not. You're so sweet. I was so grateful when you came into my life. You colour my world and my mind is set on you. Its not that easy to forget a person like you. But its the time, I accepted the written destiny. Im sorry for everything. Dont blame yourself for what just happen okay. Take Care, Goodbye and Thank You So Much M :)

People come and goes. Do learn from experience. Make them happy and cherish them while they are still there. and Accept them as what they are Salimah ! Enjoy your life as long as you can and smile with all of your heart in every second of your life and pray alot.

love , sal


sorry been busy with raya , shocking news from fam and holiday at the same time . such a great times been here . ohh Shah Alam i've been missing you ♥ holiday di rumah weeeee . i wish i could stay long and gain more unaffordable experience. i've been dyinggg to indulge myself into McD's fries and vanilla ice cream lah. Hey, Give it a try ! dip the fries into the vanilla ice cream then enjoy it ! IT WAS AWESOMEEE ! this is the best-heartbreak-snack ever !

iklan sebentar -.-

serious , i'll be like this when i met them ! juling sudaaa haha :D
tu belum jumpa fries ag. .

fries + vanilla ice cream = happiness ♥ lalu melompat-lompat

Okkay. since semester break has been started people, i'll starting to asking friends what-to-do-list and doodles-all-over my calendar with plans. PFFTTT this is sick .

yang sedihnya, kawan kawan asyik tanya, bila na amik license salem ? *adoi ! mana tahu doe ! bila mama na bagi saya green light untuk mengambil lesen kereta ? i've been craving for it. huhu maybe ta cukup besar lagi kot -.- dan saya gila suka jalan jalan. maybe mama takot saya hilang dengan kereta tiba tiba , ta pasal pasal masuk front page metro nanti . " SEORANG KANAK-KANAK DIJUMPAI TERSANGKUT DI DAHAN POKOK AKIBAT KECUIAN MEMANDU " haha tak boleh blah !
okay lets jump to the Real story. what the topic is all about ?
well , yesterday i met both, my close and bestfriends.

cik nursyazwani

cik fatin azwa
i met nursyazwani in the morning until evening, while , i met fatin azwa at night.
Supposed, get lost from home at eleven, but then we get out at eleven and a half. Kamek ( used to call nursyazwani since primary school ) also brought her little brother, Paan. At the first place, Kamek decided to bring us to Jusco Bukit Tinggi but we were rushing for the time, so she changing the plan and decided to head straight to Jusco Bukit Raja. Park the car. Straight to cinema to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One tickets ( you guys need to watch this movie, Seriously! ) Got the ticket ! Movie will be started at 1:50pm. The clock shows ; 12:15pm, still got 95 minutes, we got time for shopping babe :) weee~ (baru belajar guna ths symbol => ~ before this ta penah guna, skema kan aku -.-' *sigh) walk around the jusco, im aiming for what im going to buy after movie. takkan na bawak barang masuk cinema kan :) then g makan kfc.

Suddenly ! the clock strike 1:50pm ! com'on ! gotta be hurry ! after makan, we go straight to the popcorn stall and get into the cinema . .yeahhhh ! take your seat , and enjoy everybodayhhh !

seriously, i cant wait for the part two, next year :D ngee . serious cool gila this movie ! i watch them twice ; with her and my jiejie. i enjoyed more with my sister lah sebab dia belanja Haha !

after the movie had all finished. we go to the market and buy the goods that my mom ask me to buy it before i left home. bawang merah, bawang putih and kentang :D okay mama ! dah beli ( sebab tuu la ta beli barang awal awal , bawang + movie = -.-' ). then i head to vincci and giordano to buy some stuff. ohh forgot to mention, today i should watch my classmate's basketball match at uitm shah alam stadium. we should be there at 3:00pm. But the clock already shows 4:45 cmtuu. So after shop we rush to the stadium. Sorry bob, im late. ehe. okayy seriously-freaking-me-out *duhh again ! i met my plkn's , its been years not meeting her, alyn. here, i also met miera, ummi, wan and my classmate bob and kak jah.

Its been great today :) meeting great people and watching my favourite movie with close friends Is such a Memory love you alss ! btw congratulations to bob and kak jah :)

okayy at night. should be at that night, were closing ceremony for Karisma. i called all my friend who joined Karisma dengan niat na ajak jumpa makan makan, tapi ramai yang hangout that night. so tak dapat lah. emm then bob pula ajak lepak Mcd. apa lagi My Favourite kottt ! tapi i'll not be alone with them , theres no way to lepak with you guys, kerja gila ~ so then i called my besties, azwa.

I ask my sister to drove me to Mcd section 3 * since i got no license. before that we need to pickup my besties first, after that we straight to Mcd. rinduuuu ta terungkap dengan ucapan. ouhh sudah lama tidak bertemu awak, azwa ;) hee . okay. setelah sampai di Mcd, there were tons of people Gosh ! susah ouh na cari parking. hmm so then my sister drop i and my besties first, so we can chopp! tempat duduk near dgn tempat bermain kanak kanak *zaim and aiman also ada. dah chopp tempat. i turn on my lappy and online :) tunggu punya lama.. then my sister and her husband and the two little monster .. datang datang je dah bawak tray. cheese ! ini tidak adil ! azwa jom order, i lapaaa :O . jommm ! , balas azwa. first thing i order .. coba teka ?
usually, i'll order my fav, vanilla ice cream and and fries ! ohhhhh mann sudah lama tak makan !

tengok saya, khusyuk makan haishhh

mmmmm ~ makan kawan kawan :)
ohh almost forgot, tudung grey-shirt pink tooo kawan azwa. dia ada sekali sbb dia tinggal di rumah azwa buat sementara waktu mereka practical nie. so, its nice to meet you aishah :) then makan, snap photo, makan dan makan lagi. jumpa bob jap , have some chat, also met wan there :) daaa settle ! then straight to home dengan hati gumbira :D

fuhhh what a day !

love , sal

Well , what are you doing today ?

we know that everyone got their own agenda . its not about agenda that we were discussing in a meeting ea, tahu laa i was an office management student . skip !! Yesh ! Yesterday going out for lunch with my lovely sister :D we actually do shopping more than eating haha :D I LOVVEE IT !!

this hers

interested to try this thing !

hee all mine ;)
LOOK ! all black ! its a heavenly soft noodle that taste real nice :) it does no harm for sure :)
so, no worries to try this kayh ! fyi , its healthy and yummy ouh :D
need to eat here again and bring my fellas oneday !

suda full :) then time to shop shop !
she need a new one :)

well , i stick to flats :) so far flat shoes is the most comfortable foot wear for me ouh !! i'll always love you flatss . . as long they dont bite me yet ;) yeah ! and it suits me well i think weee
and my sis , she get confused to choose -.-
we shop alot . and i dont have enough hand to capture the situation . the end .

having a great day with her :) thank you jiejie ! love ya

love , sal

Monday, November 1