Friday, November 26

A trauma

Where are you when i need you.

Since, school life have been left behind, i dont have time to get couple. maybe at that time I am comfortable to be single. but, i got scandals haha. and thats not good kayh! Sometimes , when i saw a couple walk across me, they laugh, share stuff, took photos together and etc, that's make me feel kinda bit jealous, but I just let my feelings walk away with the wind and I just think " Its not the time yet ". Perhaps.

When I came into the higher institution. There are tons of 'em. I was like *duhh. They were everywhere, any place at any time. Sometimes, i sit down in silence & at this moment , i will thinking about everything, what is happening. Well, a girl like me, love to have a special one that will always be by my side when i terribly in need. I would love to and i wish someone do come to me and properly asking to be my man .

I am very fussy kind of person. I am very detail in everything, and this thing become one of my problem.

I do text with guys and off course they were my friends. but if you got text from him almost everyday , with a sweet phrase and cute call , and miss him when you didn't get any text or call from him for a day , Hows that ? Can you feel it ?

I've been through all this, and its killing me. At the first time, I just play my role as a friend, but when the conversation become a sequel, I suddenly fall into him and this is terrible ! Lets be fair and square. I want everything to be crystal clear here because I cant lie my heart, my feelings. So, I decided to make a confession. So, then I know everything, what is deep inside him. but After the confessions, theres like someone knocking in the inside and suddenly I change my way of thinking.. to stay single :)

He is a guy that made my day. Be there when I need an opinion or when I feel down. He text me , call me. M, If you read this, I want you to know that You'd make me happy, whether you know it or not. You're so sweet. I was so grateful when you came into my life. You colour my world and my mind is set on you. Its not that easy to forget a person like you. But its the time, I accepted the written destiny. Im sorry for everything. Dont blame yourself for what just happen okay. Take Care, Goodbye and Thank You So Much M :)

People come and goes. Do learn from experience. Make them happy and cherish them while they are still there. and Accept them as what they are Salimah ! Enjoy your life as long as you can and smile with all of your heart in every second of your life and pray alot.

love , sal


3:31 AM, November 28, 2010

dah mula jiwang la tue

3:39 AM, November 28, 2010

just a thought dear.
pernah terjadi kat you tak ?

3:33 AM, May 20, 2011

wah! bule kumen disini. :D

3:13 PM, May 22, 2011

haha :D bole bole !

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