Friday, November 26

Well , what are you doing today ?

we know that everyone got their own agenda . its not about agenda that we were discussing in a meeting ea, tahu laa i was an office management student . skip !! Yesh ! Yesterday going out for lunch with my lovely sister :D we actually do shopping more than eating haha :D I LOVVEE IT !!

this hers

interested to try this thing !

hee all mine ;)
LOOK ! all black ! its a heavenly soft noodle that taste real nice :) it does no harm for sure :)
so, no worries to try this kayh ! fyi , its healthy and yummy ouh :D
need to eat here again and bring my fellas oneday !

suda full :) then time to shop shop !
she need a new one :)

well , i stick to flats :) so far flat shoes is the most comfortable foot wear for me ouh !! i'll always love you flatss . . as long they dont bite me yet ;) yeah ! and it suits me well i think weee
and my sis , she get confused to choose -.-
we shop alot . and i dont have enough hand to capture the situation . the end .

having a great day with her :) thank you jiejie ! love ya

love , sal