Wednesday, March 2

lelaki amik nota , amik nota cepat . .

huhu sudaa lama ta meluangkan masa dgn blogggg sal neyyy ^_^ wuuuu rindu !

nie ada satu note na bagi you alls baca skit . .

photo tade kena mengena dgn apa yg dibincangkan ,
tiba tiba rasa na makan neyhhhh , na pg pasar beli bahan weyhh !

i got this from one of my friend
so sal na share dgn semuaaaa
* sharing is caring rightttt ;)
bole kan ?
ta bole pon sal na bole kan juga ! taaaa kire !

and this is especially for girls tao ;) !

  • wait for the man who doesn't mind meeting your parents

  • open the car door for you

  • makes you smile without trying

  • call you beautiful , and he really mean it !

  • doesn't care if you wanna hangout with your friends

  • let you rest your head on his shoulder

  • kisses you on the forehead

  • hold your hands while he was driving

  • doesn't laugh at you when you fall , he just quickly help you up and ask you whether you are okay or not . .

  • he wants you to get along with his friends

  • will show you off to the world

  • will make sure that you were home by curfew

  • will tickle you even after you tell him to stop - (whispering) because he knows that you secretly loves it ;)

  • he is actually interested in how your day was

okayh ! thats all i got so far . .

guys , practice this please :)

girls , go find your prince charming :)