Monday, May 23

Almost a year

yesterday , 23rd may 2011
finally we met together :D and its almost a year i didn't meet iz :/
ouhh i didn't realize that i miss her that long . .
and now we met again !

in confusing of choosing the movie we wanna watch -.-
i and kamek suggest to watch comedy genre type of movie , but unfortunately they don't available . . yet ! :( ohh too bad . .

finally we decided to watch Nur Kasih The Movie :D
its 12:30 and we still got time about 1 hour and a half to catch the movie
so we playing around first :)

they buys shades :) i want to, but i think i still got one at home
but now i feel like i want to buy that shade XD haha gedik kann ?

ahaaa ni la jadi nyee bila hidung ta mancung na pkai shade haha :D

go search for some books wuuuu

ANGRY BIRDS ! act sal na amik biba kaler hijau tuu tapi tak nak laa , Haram ;) HAHAHA !


ney sal punya chicken katsu

muka ta sabar na santap

kamek punyaa , black pepper chicken claypot rice

azwa and iz have same taste , sizzling yee mee + egg

Its the time bebeh !
time ney azwa serious bengang gila , dia membebel sbb kamek & iz late haha

wooshh~ movie rush

. . .

after the movie . .

shopping for ourselves :)

take away for mama

uhhhh na balek daa :| 
i'll miss youu guysssss T.T

cahaya keimanan hee :D

ouhh suddenly pandang kanan and i saw my boy friend ! opss !

fuhh . . what a day :) i have fun loves !
love you girls !
do call me if nythg :)
thanks azwa & syazwani . .

& thanks faizatul azua ♥

love , sal


1:01 AM, May 28, 2011

love u guys :)

11:13 AM, May 16, 2012

I love you moreee dear :D

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