Wednesday, March 28

A day with my best-long-time-no-see-ex-roomate ever

A journey that takes about 3 hours by riding the Plusliner bus is totally worth it , i guess . Enjoying the scenery . all the way from Shah Alam to Sri Iskandar , but only this photo that i sempat to grab from my camera . errr . (krekk krekk bunyi cengkerik)

a beautiful night indeed . 

The mirror of the bus is sooooooo wide you know , so i can enjoy the scenery from the inside , peacefully . I can see the moon from the inside of the bus too .
It's sooooo BE-AU-TI-FUL !  I feel so grateful , that i still can watch this with my own eyes . Syukur Alhamdulillah :)
Allah create such a beautiful world for us to see , to feel , to wonder , to be grateful, to realize, to experiment , to experience , to explore and to love . .

On the next day . I plan to spend my time with my ex-roomate , azmyra :) 
aww miss her alot !!

 my favourite ^-^

I've learn alot from her about life.  She always talk about motivation and slip it into our life story. 

Yesterday , She teach me how to save the money very well .

Actually i want to buy a pair of jeans yesterday , but she brainwashed me for a moment , she said " sal , you betul betul perlu ke benda ney ? " 
i was like " errr . . " 
then she continued , " better you fikir betul betul . kat rumah you banyak lagi jeans kan ? still okay lagi kan ? jangan membazir la sal . think about your future . even yg lama pon , you just need to mix and match je dear .. " 

Then she starting to mention about my mom . . and Im starting to shed my tears T.T ouhh I can't stand at this kind of situation . . 

Then i think carefully . I took a deep breath . Then i realized , what she said just now is right . Totally right ! I don't need that thing . That was just my kemahuan , not keperluan . Need to know how to differentiate between wants and needs . Remind to self !

Thanks for the words azmyra :') love yaaa !!

Thanks for spend your time to read this post :)

love , sal