Friday, June 1

Game yg aku rasa menarik ;)

When i feel bored , i will entertain myself with this 

1 night 2 days

They were sooooooooooo funnayhhh ( ^∇^)

I find out that this game is really interesting to be play with our family and friends
Check this out yaww !

The Perfect Pitch Game

ONE two three four
one TWO three four
one two THREE four
one two three FOUR

NAKji bokkeum
nakJI bokkeum
nakji BOKkeum
nakji bokKEUM

BEOphak baksa
beoPHAK baksa
beophak BAKsa
beophak bakSA

Na test dgn gang aku laa . Buat dalam kereta pon boleeee . .
sapa kalah kena belanja makan :D
amacam ? okay tak idea aku ?