Saya budak suka makan


 Assalamualaikum dear readers :)

Velcome to my vlogg . vaya, Salimah bt Abdul Jamil . a vaughter to a vroud varent . Vnown as salem , shima , sal && ucu :) . a vrefects, cheerveader vaptain and vowling vlub vreasurer *vime vchool vulu laa vapi . votak gila gila ;) vown to vearth . vove to ve a volunveer . venjoy vhopping and vangout vith vamily and vriends . valkactive vunny :D  vove vo veat .  vossessed von vamera ;) vove to ve vove eheee
[ i talk like ths cuz my mouth is full with food . okayh bercakap dgn mulut penuh makanan ? sungggggguh tidak sopan !! jangan buat mcm sal ye dear  . . ]

 shah alam , selangor

 camera . deco . shoes and watches . hangout . stuff in sale (Y.E.S) . movies . multifunction gadgets . MAKAN ! hee :)

the imbalance
feed me chocolate indulgence whenever i fall :| ask me to share problems . take me out to the great places . i am a sugar rush, you can also treat me with sweets . get out and breathe the fresh air . take a walk in the lake garden . make jokes and laugh . drive me around the town . take some photos for my keepsakes . Thanks , you make me feel better :)


 Haaaaa apa benda yg sal post kt blog tkde kene mengena antara yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia . Its just my confessions, ideas, thoughts about current issues dan mcm mcm lagi. So , read at your own risk and don't be hesitate to comment my blog .  Sy masih baru di  sini :) sila beri saya tunjuk ajar . Salah dan silap harap dimaafi . tumpang lalu . .

salchubby , the budak suka makan